Frequently asked Questions

Q: My child is in intermediate/advanced in another program. Why are they considered beginners at hellobirdie?

At HelloBirdie, we believe in the sky should be the limit. Therefore we emphasize a strong foundation and good basic skills. Some children are able to make contact and hit fairly hard, but their footwork and stroke are all wrong which ends up putting a quiet a severe ceiling on the level they can achieve. While it might sound discouraging, the benefits of taking the time to fix and solidify the fundamentals can remove the cap and open many more possibilities for them.

Q: How long does it take for my child/me to be able to hit/play with others?

About 450 - 500 hours (competitive track). Of course this number varies based on age, athletic ability, your focus during practice, and willingness to learn.

Frequency matters!

Q: I want my child to be able to compete. How many times a week do they have to practice?

We highly recommend 3 to 4 classes a week. This can be a mix of group and private lessons. Some of our Falcons (top nationally ranked) practice around 10 - 12 hours a week.

Q: My child is a lot older, when can they move up to the next level?

At HelloBirdie, we split our groups based on level, not by age. We are always looking to move your athlete into more level appropriate groups, so when they hit certain benchmarks we will reach out to try to move them up.

Q: I want My child to take lessons from another coach. is That ok?

Although HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED, we leave all decisions regarding your child up to you. Different coaches tend to teach things differently and it may end up confusing your child. If we do teach things differently, it will end up being a one step forwards and one step back situation.

Q: We will be on vacation from XXX to XXX, Can we make up the classes?

While we do not give refunds or allow transfer of class credits, we are happy to help you reschedule. HelloBirdie has a 30hr class cancellation/rescheduling policy. As long as you let us know via email or text that you will be out for those classes at least 30 hrs ahead of the scheduled class time, you can reschedule for another time. However, all classes have to be made up before the end of the session.

We also have an option to pro-rate your session, if you know your vacation plans ahead of time.

Q: It's the middle of the session! Can I still join?

YES! You can join us anytime! However, we might have some space limitations. Please send us an email or text to inquire about time times you are interested in.

Tuition is pro-rated for those who join after classes have started.