We offer badminton programs for all ages. With programs targeted towards children and high school students to adults, we have a place for everyone at HelloBirdie Badminton.


Beginner Junior Class


Learn proper form and footwork to build a strong foundation for the game. Course is designed to be a fun and dynamic learning experience. As they progress through the class, students will learn the basic shots and rules of the game.

Learn more about the Hatchling class here.

Intermediate Junior Class


This class is a stepping stone between our Hatchlings and Falcon groups. In addition to further strengthening their current skillset, students will also start learning how to apply what they've learned in game situations. There will be an emphasis on consistency and shot placement through single-shuttle and multi-shuttle drills.

Learn more about the Fledgeling class here.

Advanced Junior Class


This class is for advanced juniors who want to compete in regional and national tournaments.

Learn more about the Falcon class here.

High School / Collegiate Class


Learn more about the Ravens class here.


Beginner Adult Class


Learn proper form and footwork that prevents injury. Starting with the basic skills and game rules, we will take you through the steps to start playing recreationally. Basic skills include serves, clears, drop, smashes, net, lift, drives, and defense.

Learn more about the Early Bird class here.

Intermediate / Advanced Adult Class


Advance the basic skills and learn singles and doubles game strategies. This class is for adults who want to participate in local tournaments or for those who may simply want to improve their game.

Learn more about the Wise Owls class here.

Other Programs

private lessons

Private lesson options are available upon request. Contact us for more information!

group Clinic

Group clinic options are available upon request. Contact us for more information!